GSoC'18 Week 1 Report

The first week was Awesome. I got to know the details of the libgit2 project. I tried and tested many libgit functions and understood their implementation.

As decided in my Proposal, I wrote bindings for the functions of libgit2 , Cred and Config module. Though the coding period started on May 14th, I initialized my project with almost everything I thought was necessary in the period 11th to 13th May. The Project now has CMakeLists.txt for easily building the shared object . The project also contains an empty readthedocs documentation initialized and serving live at . I will add the complete usage example and documentation as I make progress.

The project is structured as:

  • The /src/luaC-api/ contains the lua C api files I am using for building my project.
  • The /src/header_files/ contains the files for all the bindings the I write.
  • The /src/main_wrapper.c is the main file responsible for registering the created binding functions while creating luagit2 shared object.

Current method to build the project :

  • Go to /src/ folder and use cmake to build the shared object and run the functions.

Brief insight to functions I wrote bindings for :

  • lua_libgit2.h : This module contains all the funcitons that can be used to make global settings for the libgit2. I created different functions according to those available in the options of git_libgit2_opts so that there is ease in using those.
  • lua_cred.h : Basically I created a luagit2_cred_object struct and corresponding functions to make a lua variable to contain a git_cred object. The functions help in initializing your luagit_cred_object using libgit methods. A small pseudo-code example would be like :
    lib = require "luagit2"
    my_cred_obj = lib.luagit2_cred_default_new()
    my_other_cred_obj = lib.luagit2_cred_userpass_plaintext_new()

    and so on.

  • lua_config.h : I created a luagit2_config_object and luagit2_buf_object struct similar to those in lua_cred module. Thus user can initialize lua variable with luagit2_config and lua_buf objects. The libgit2_cred’s original Set and Get functions are also implemented to manipulate the values of a already present config file. Most of the set tye functions can be used by passing the lua type config object as in pseudo-code :
    lib = require "luagit2"
    lua_config_obj = lib.lua_git_config_open_global()
    lib.lua_git_config_set_bool(lua_config_obj,"Name_whose_value_is_to_be_set",1) -- 1 here is an integer parameter 

Though these are small examples, I will write complete Documentation in coming weeks.