GSoC'18 Week 2 Report

The second week passed and I learnt to write tests for my project. I understood more about libgit2’s code structure.

This week I wrote bindings for Commit , Signature , Tree and OID modules. Their Implementation is similar to the bindings I wrote for previous modules which include creating a lua_struct_object and then making binding functions accordingly.

I also restructured project the project so that all the used lua_struct_objects are now available at /src/header_files/lua_objects.h. Also the CMakeLists.txt is now available at root directory. Therefore now, We can easily generate all build files and the shared object in a seprate build folder using :

(At root directory)
-$ mkdir build && cd build
-$ cmake ..
-$ make 
-$ make install

I wrote tests for the functions of Luagit2_libgit module lua using lunatest . I also included test coverage using luacov.

Since it was my first experience writing tests, I have simply written tests and not properly configured luacov to lookup for code coverage. Also I need to improve the written test cases and logic of implementation.

I am attaching a small screenshot of luacov summary for the tests I wrote. Couldn't Load Image

  • The coverage for my written tests i.e luagit2_libgit_test.lua can be seen here.

To reproduce the test report :

!! Make sure that lunatest and luacov are installed on the system. (refer links above)

# At root directory
-$ cd tests
-$ lua luagit2_libgit_test.lua
# Now luacov.stats.out file will be generated
-$ luacov
# This command generates  (our report file)

I will write more tests and bindings for more functions as time comes. I will work upon improving the test coverage too.