GSoC'18 Week 6 & 7 Report

These Two weeks, I fixed few issues with working of the library. I also wrote new bindings to the modules and new tests. Those few issues included errors in building luagit2, Working with luagit2 objects. At first I freed them but then I realized, doing so causes values to go null and I did undo a couple features related to that.

I created bindings for commit create method and also tested it. I runs perfectly fine. I created few helper Methods for Commit, Config , Buf Modules.

I created Bindings for Object,Tag, Buf modules.


I have really improved on my writing test skills :).

The new tests have been written using Busted as guided by my mentor Etiene. Using Busted does is surely a much better option. My tests does look more elegant now.

All the tests are available in the tests/ folder and are categorized as per their module name. The Fixtures/ folder contains two repositories for testing :

  • new_test_repo
  • testrepo

I have implemented basic fixig repo functionality taking reference from libgit2’s implementation. Now the repos get moved to WORKON_REPO while testing functions and the folder then gets dynamically removed. This leaves our proect totally unaltered and tests being run fine.

I also implemented a very basi test runner script to run tests.

So far, tests for Blob , Branch , Buf , Config , Commit , OID, Libgit & Tree modules have been written.

I am working on them and other modules too.