I am Satyendra Kumar Banjare final year Electrical Engineering undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee. My current interests are applications of formal methods.

I maintain my findings at the PLT section of my website.

I have created a list of research and industry application focused materials and resources on the topic. It can be found at the Resources section of my website.

I believe formal methods are set of powerful tools to solve a variety of complex problems ranging from Programming Language Research, Computer security Crptography, Secure Machine Learning , Quantum Programming language , Differential Privacy , Creating secure Database systems and many more.

Latest Blogs


Solving a SAT problem

Pointer Analysis

Explainatory blog on Steensgaard and Andersen's pointer analysis

Coq Tactics

Some common and useful Coq Tactics

Understanding Types

More formal application of Types.

GSoC'18 Final Report

Final report for summer work on luagit2